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  • Brit Hotel La Rochelle
    Brit Hotel La Rochelle


Situated on the Atlantic coast, La Rochelle is known for being a fortified port city popular with tourists. Indeed, it has three ports, each with a different function: one fishing port, one commercial port and one marina.

The city has preserved several medieval relics, such as the three towers at the entrance to the port: the Tour Saint-Nicolas, the Tour de la Chaîne and the Tour de la Lanterne. The distinctive Door of the Big Clock, for its part, is found at the entrance to the market town. The city is partly surrounded by fortifications with several doors punctuating the walls in places.


Several monuments are worth visiting in La Rochelle, like the Maison Henri II, the Saint-Louis Cathedral, the Saint Sauveur Church or the three towers of the Old Port.
There is no better way of discovering the city than a trip on foot through the streets.
You can discover the Old Port, the arched streets as well as the numerous private mansions.


Come and discover the city’s aquarium. Situated in the city centre, you will need two hours to complete an entire visit of the aquarium, thus observing more than 12,000 marine animals, swimming in a total of three million litres of water. In La Rochelle, you can also visit the Maritime Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Bunker of La Rochelle and the Perfume Bottle Museum. On a different note, you can also find the Clockwork Figure Museum and the Scale Model Museum.


Every year, for five years, La Rochelle has hosted the World Championship of High Diving, where the participants soar from the Tour Saint-Nicolas.

Another major event in the city: The Francofolies.The festival of francophone music takes place every year during July and welcomes more than a hundred thousand spectators.
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